3 Tips To Instantly Improve Ergonomics In The Workplace

3 Tips To Instantly Improve Ergonomics In The Workplace

A comfortable working environment has many benefits, such as reducing muscle strain and fatigue, fewer injuries, increased productivity and increased morale at work. Besides your home, the office is where you spend most of your time during the day. Therefore, you should ensure that the furniture and equipment in your office are adjusted and set […]

How To Lift Weights Safely To Prevent Injuries In The Gym?

How To Lift Weights Safely To Prevent Injuries In The Gym?

Resistance training is becoming popular due to how one can achieve an ideal body while keeping fit. It is a great way to reduce stress, to build muscle strength, endurance, and stamina. However, it is one of the more dangerous forms of exercise because the free-weight and compound exercises require a significant amount of core […]

3 Ways To Improve Posture During Your Commute To Work

It is a daily routine. Groggily, you make your way to the station to catch the morning train to work. A daily commute you have embarked on for the umpteenth time. The monotony of this ritual pairs well with the blank canvases of your fellow passengers, lit up by their phone screens. A cacophony of […]

How Can Chiropractic Help With Prenatal And Postnatal Care?

How Can Chiropractic Help With Prenatal And Postnatal Care

Pregnancy can be tough on the body, and many women usually experience pain in the lower back and hip areas because of shifts in position. If you are pregnant or recently gave birth, it may be good to consider lower back pain treatment in Singapore for your postnatal and prenatal care and achieve a balanced spine and […]

What is Tennis Elbow and how does it affect you?

Add Your Heading Text Here Tennis Elbow What is Tennis Elbow? and how can I prevent it?  What is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow a.k.a lateral epicondylitis is a painful type of condition that often occurs from overuse and when the tendons in our elbow is overloaded.  Tennis elbow often occur by repetitive movements of the […]

What is TMJ(Temporomandibular joint) and how do we treat it?

Temporomandibular joint Disorder

TMJ Disorders What is TMJD and how can i treat it? What is TMJ? TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint and this particular joint operates as a two-joint mechanism in one joint and allows our lower jawbone to rotate and slide. Anatomically, there is one joint (TMJ) on each side of our jaw that allows for […]

5 ways to find a good chiropractor

Girl Getting Chiropractic Treatment or Chiropractic Adjustment

5 ways to find a Good chiropractor What should i look for when choosing a chiropractor? Choosing a Chiropractor may be difficult. With the rise of pain-related symptoms in Singapore, there is a significant rise in Chiropractic clinics popping up every month. Nevertheless, there are a few key factors you can use to narrow down […]

10 ways to Reduce Stress/Anxiety

Methods to reduce stress/anxiety 1. Meditation Deep controlled breathing for at least 10 mins a day has positive reactions within our body, such as decreasing pulse rate, blood pressure, metabolism and increasing oxygen levels through the body. In stressful situations, our sympathetic nervous system fires up which signals our body to go into “fight-or-flight” mode. […]

What Is a Chiropractic Treatment?

A Chiropractor is a health care professional that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. At Healing Hands, our chiropractor emphasizes treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Healing Hands Chiropractors seeks to reduce pain, improve overall mobility and increase the flexibility of patients as well as educate them on how […]

Benefits of Chiropractic

Benefits of Chiropractic There are many benefits of Chiropractic treatments at Healing Hands. We focus on our care for patients through the restoration of joint mobility and improving the body’s physical and physiological functions holistically. Below are some examples of the benefits from Healing Hands Chiropractic practitioners. 1) Relief of muscle Spasm Through our habits of […]