5 ways to find a good chiropractor

Question: What should I look for when choosing a Chiropractor? Answer: Choosing a Chiropractor may be difficult. With the rise of pain-related symptoms in Singapore, there is a significant rise in Chiropractic clinics popping up every month. Nevertheless, there are a few key factors you can use to narrow down your choices. What Is Chiropractic? […]

10 ways to Reduce Stress/Anxiety

Methods to reduce stress/anxiety 1. Meditation Deep controlled breathing for at least 10 mins a day has positive reactions within our body, such as decreasing pulse rate, blood pressure, metabolism and increasing oxygen levels through the body. In stressful situations, our sympathetic nervous system fires up which signals our body to go into “fight-or-flight” mode. […]

What Is a Chiropractic Treatment?

A Chiropractor is a health care professional that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. At Healing Hands, our chiropractor emphasizes treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Healing Hands Chiropractors seeks to reduce pain, improve overall mobility and increase the flexibility of patients as well as educate them on how […]

Benefits of Chiropractic

Adjustments Relief of Muscle Spasm: Poor Joint health can cause a cycle of dysfunctional muscle tone. Adjustments can Break this cycle and help to restore Healthy Muscle tone. Pain Reduction: By Removing the source of mechanical Pain or inflammation. Boost Immune System: A chiropractic adjustment can increase the activity of your immune system you’ll increase […]

Is chiropractic appropriate for children and the elderly?

YES! If you are looking for better health and wellness, chiropractic care is the way to go. Most of the patients that frequent the Chiropractic Clinics are young adults that suffer pain and aches from fitness  Most often, patients that walk through the door are adults. Everyone seems to have a misconception that chiropractic is […]

Why is your Spine Health Important?

Your spine is made up of your vertebrae and spinal cord associated with nerves, it is vital to your overall health and functioning, and you can’t live without it! The spine is the body’s central support structure. It protects the spinal cord & nerve roots which help us to transfer information between the brain and […]

What is a tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a type of muscle strain injury commonly stemming from overuse.  As the name suggests, the condition is caused by the repeated extension of the elbow under load, just as one would perform a backhand stroke in tennis. During this motion, the many muscles in the forearm that you use […]

The Healing Element: Water

Water is becoming more and more a fine luxury rather than a necessity. With Healing Hands and our chiropractic care, we continuously educate our patients holistically.  When asked the question “how much water do you drink”, people tend to answer always in the same way: “a little because I forget, I have so many things […]

Obesity from Wearing Mask!

Here is why! by Healing Hands Chiropractic on What is TMJ? Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder, known as TMD or TMJD, is a condition affecting the jaw joints, surrounding muscles, and ligaments and usually goes undiagnosed. The dysfunction occurs when the muscle and ligament around your jaw joints become inflamed or irritated, however, the pain may […]

What causes the joint cracking sound

The joint cracking or popping sound is the release of the air or gas bubbles that are accumulated in the joint space, which also indicates that there is most likely bone misalignment trapping these air bubbles. At Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore, our main goal is to get to the root of the issue and handle […]