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Best Chiropractor In Singapore!!!

Dr Marc is literally the best chiropractor in Singapore!
Since primary school, I’ve been suffering from constant headaches and sometimes migraine. During the Panadol shortage, I went for an urgent appointment at Adelphi as I was experiencing severe migraine and my office is nearby City Hall. Dr Marc literally treated my severe migraine in 45 minutes! (For real). The treatment process was extremely painful as he pulled and massaged my muscles and tendons on my neck and shoulders before adjusting my neck. My sore neck was iced while doing the electrical muscle stimulating machine, he told the clinic staff to paste the pads on a further spot and explained that it is related to “referred pain”. The BEST part is I fell asleep and woke up with my headache DISAPPEARED! I was really shocked at how great it turned out, it was the shortest migraine episode I’ve ever experienced.

Ang mo kio chiropractic experience profile
Christina W.

My First Chiropractic experience in Singapore!!

This is the first time I’m going to a chiropractor & I had a great experience with Doctor Jee at Healing Hands AMK.

Dr Jee is very friendly so it makes him easy to speak to. He have been patient with me, he is attentive to my concerns & would address them during the sessions. During the sessions, he would often educate me as well as recommend stretches that I can do to aid in improving my condition. I have definitely seen improvements each passing week. I am thankful that Dr Jee had laid a good foundation for my recovery especially so in my initial stages. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you Dr Jee & Team 🙏🏻😀

Buona Vista Chiropractic Treatment Review Profile C
Chan KK

Helped with my shoulder pain!!!

I suffer from persistent shoulder pain on and off for over 10 years, one day while sitting in the office, i made an awkward turn to my left and the pain shot up again. Decided to get it sorted out once and for all.

Found healing hands through google, and it was one of the best decision ever.
Dr Isaac went through the initial assessment with me, making sure i am aware what caused the problem and how to manage it. After the first few treatments i already feel much better and the pain don’t come back as often. Even when it did, it wasn’t as painful.

Definitely recommend anyone who has persistent pain to come and have the initial assessment to understand the underlying problem.

Success Story

My journey began in March 2023 and it has been nothing short of transformative. Dr Tan Mei Xin, the chiropractor at the clinic, has been instrumental in my recovery process. She embodies an ideal blend of professionalism and empathy, demonstrating not only her vast clinical acumen but also her exceptional ability to connect with patients. Dr. Tan’s clear explanations of my condition, the treatment plan and the expected outcomes have been a source of assurance for me.

I arrived at the clinic in March suffering from an intense backache and thanks to Dr Tan’s expert care, I am now experiencing significantly less pain and a great improvement in my mobility. Her methodical and precise approach, combined with her positive attitude, has been a key factor in my recovery. The front line reception team also deserves a standing ovation. They have made each of my visits pleasant and hassle-free with their efficient service, warm smiles and friendly demeanour. Their consistent professionalism, attentiveness and courtesy have made the administrative part of my visits a breeze. I am writing this to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary care I received at the Bedok clinic. I highly recommend Healing Hands Bedok clinic to anyone in need of top-tier chiropractic care.

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