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Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore provides the highest level of care as we don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach but personalized care supported by time-tested techniques enhanced with modalities.

A chiropractor is a practitioner who specializes in the treatment of musculoskeletal system conditions especially in the spine. Chiropractors uses non-invasive techniques such as adjustments either with their hands or specialized instruments to manipulate the spine and joints to alleviate pain and improve mobility. The aim is to correct misalignments or abnormalities in the musculoskeletal system, sometimes known as subluxations.

Our chiropractors are trained to provide the best results for our patients in Singapore. For your comfort, we also have female chiropractors in our clinics. Our chiropractors have different experiences but have an excellent command of chiropractic and expertise in their treatment of patients. 

What to Expect during your chiropractic treatment

Stretching During A Chiropractic Treatment In Singapore


Adjustment By Chiropractor


E-Stim Therapy Provided By A Chiropractic Clinic In Singapore

E-stim Therapy

Flexion Distraction Table For Chiropractic Treatment

Flexion Distraction Table

Massager Gun Used In Chiropractic Treatment

Massager Gun

What is Chiropractic treatment,
how can a Chiropractor help you?

A chiropractic adjustment is a manual procedure using high-velocity low amplitude adjustment with the objective of restoring motion to the spinal joints. Chiropractors primarily use a hands-on and holistic approach in our chiropractic clinic in Singapore.

Chiropractic treatment helps with reducing pain, relief of muscle tension, restoring motion to the joints, improving the body’s physical function and reduce pain. If you need any of the treatments below, it may be good to visit a chiropractor in Singapore.

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Care for chiropractic patients

Care For Patient

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Attention to Detail

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How Does Our Chiropractor Treat Our Patients?

Our chiropractors provide non-invasive treatments to help with the adjustments of the spine and realignment of joints, resulting in increased functionality of the system and body.

Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore has a team of expert chiropractors from various backgrounds and nationalities. Our clinics also cater to individuals who may prefer a female chiropractor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A chiropractor provides non-invasive treatments with the benefits of spinal adjustments and realigning the joints to improve the system and function throughout the body.

In general, chiropractors believe in the ability of the body to self-heal through Chiropractic adjustment with the help of modalities such as the Flexion distraction table, E-stim, Denneroll, and functional exercises. They also utilize various other treatment modalities such as ultrasound, bodywork, etc. to get patients back to health. 


We recommend seeing one if you are experiencing any discomfort, pains or aches in your muscles or joints. Check out the list of conditions we treat here.

Most importantly, do not wait until you are experiencing pain or worse, numbness to see a chiropractor. Often, pain is the last thing that shows up but the first to go away after chiropractic treatment.

There is no better time to visit the highest rated chiropractor in Singapore. Book your appointment here.


Chiropractic adjustment should not be painful. However, in some instances when the injury is either acute (happened recently) or sub-acute(on the road to recovery), the muscles and ligaments may prove to be guarded or sensitive to the touch, these are some exceptions.

A thorough examination of your complaints and conditions can alleviate any concerns that you may have.

It is a very safe & accurate thermographic scanner that scans the full spine or segmental parts of the spine in approximately 15 seconds. The Tytron detects areas of asymmetry as well as indicate areas with greater temperature due to acute soft tissue damage.

The Tytron scanner uses precision sensors, speciality lenses and a unique focusing system to give the chiropractor the most accurate and repeatable information available. You will be given a print out of your result on the first visit.

Book your first appointment with us to experience the Healing Hands chiropractic journey.

X-rays are recommended if you want to take care of your condition holistically and to get to the root of the issues. It is also for the patients safety and for us to rule out any possible underlying conditions that cannot be treated by Chiropractic adjustment. Just like your regular health check up, X-rays serve to give you and the chiropractor an insight to your spinal health as our naked eyes can only tell a rough story.

Our Chiropractors will use their hands or a small instrument to apply a controlled force to the spinal joints.

A “Crack” or “Pop” sound may occur as your spine gets manipulated. Do not be alarmed, as the adjustment releases trapped gasses from your joints.

Yes, we have both Male and Female Chiropractors at Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore.
Our Female Chiropractors are stationed at Healing Hands Ang Mo Kio.and Healing Hands Bedok

All our Chiropractors believe in personalised care supported by time-tested techniques enhanced with the most efficient time frame. All our Chiropractors embody our 3 core values; Care For Patient, Integrity and Attention to Detail.

Yes, neck adjustments are a very safe treatment when performed by chiropractors as they are trained in the correct techniques to manipulate the joints safely. Healing Hands chiropractors also ensure that it is clinically safe enough for the adjustment before they perform it. This is also one of the reason why X-rays are required before more customised treatment can be done to ensure that your body is able to receive it.

The benefits of getting chiropractic treatment helps with reducing pain and increase joint mobility. We’ve written an article all about it here

There also seems to be a lot of concern about the safety of getting adjusted by a chiropractor. However, when done by a professional chiropractor, spinal manipulation and Chiropractic care are generally considered safe, and effective treatments for acute pain.

Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore has been treating thousands of patients since 2010 and many have benefited from it.

We hope to tell people more about chiropractic so that more can come to understand and appreciate how chiropractors can help with the various conditions for the people in Singapore.ut chiropractic so that people can understand and appreciate Chiropractic.

According to MOH, there are currently 150 chiropractors in Singapore. Choosing the most effective chiropractor for you may be challenging.

That is why we have written an article about 5 ways to find a good Chiropractor. In short,
1) Know your own health goals.
2) Integrity and confidence of the Chiropractor.
3) Word of mouth or reviews about the Chiropractor.
4) Clinical competency and experience of the Chiropractors.
5) The willingness of the Chiropractor to refer out.


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