Healing Hands

Benefits of Chiropractic


Relief of Muscle Spasm:

Poor Joint health can cause a cycle of dysfunctional muscle tone. Adjustments can Break this cycle and help to restore Healthy Muscle tone.

Pain Reduction:

By Removing the source of mechanical Pain or inflammation.

Boost Immune System:

A chiropractic adjustment can increase the activity of your immune system you’ll increase your odds of developing an immune system that is able to fight to keep you healthy.

Decreased Stress Response:

In our modern hustle and bustle society, we often become stressed out and have excess sympathetic or adrenal system activity. Chiropractic adjustments can help to activate nerves in the body that suppress the stress or (adrenal) response in our body.

Increased Joint Mobility:

Sitting stationary for long hours, or adopting poor posture can cause us to become stiff and sore. Adjustments to the Joints of the body can restore mobility and decrease discomfort by mechanically restoring the axis of joint movement and allowing healthy joint function.

Treatment of Slipped Disc:

The slipped disc is often caused by a combination of long hours of slouched posture and heavy lifting. This can be a very painful and often scary condition for our patients.


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