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Benefits Of Chiropractic

Benefits of Chiropractic

There are many benefits of Chiropractic treatments at Healing Hands. We focus on our care for patients through the restoration of joint mobility and improving the body’s physical and physiological functions holistically. Below are some examples of the benefits from Healing Hands Chiropractic practitioners.

1) Relief of muscle Spasm

Through our habits of either prolonged sitting in front of the computer, past injuries, and trauma, intense physical activity, or inactivity it can lead to poor muscle health which can cause a myriad of conditions and dysfunctional in our musculoskeletal system.

These habits and past conditions can lead to simple muscle conditions such as spasms in a specific muscle which is often also caused by poor circulation to the area. At Healing Hands through specific treatments that targets your specific area of concern, mobility and improved circulation can alleviate the muscle spasm and bring it back to balance.

Girl Getting Chiropractic Treatment or Chiropractic Adjustment

2) Pain Reduction

At Healing Hands our Chiropractors will always perform a health history with specific physical examination to diagnose the cause of the patients pain. With our non-invasive and holistic approach such as but is not limited to, stretch therapy, muscle work and spinal adjustments to help restore the joint back to mobility, health and thus reducing pain.

3) Boost Immune System

At Healing Hands, our approach to each patient is specific and holistic. Our treatments are curated to help the patient back to health, to motivate them to move, and to develop good healthy habits through the awareness of their body. We believe when the body is free from stiffness, tightness, pain, and/or limitation of mobility our patients will improve their immune systems naturally. Besides, using our hands through specific adjustments, we help to kick start the body’s innate healing process leading to a healthier and stronger immune system. 

4) Decreased Stress Response

Our society today is full of stress everywhere we turn, it’s not just at work anymore. Stress has become a part of our world and affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. This can lead our bodies to react and secrete hormones that can be harmful to us, affecting our lives in many ways that we can’t comprehend. At healing hands, our adjustments/treatments can help to activate nerves in the body and improves circulation resulting to a more relaxed and balanced body which in turn suppresses the stress or (adrenal) response in our body and increases the production of our “happy” hormones. 

5) Increased Joint Mobility

Sitting stationary for long hours which can lead to long-term poor posture can cause chronic back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc. Stiffness and other chronic physical conditions are often the results. Healing hands, through our holistic intervention, specific adjustments to the joints of the body can help to restore mobility, balance and decrease discomfort and pain by allowing healthy joint function.

6) Treatment of Slipped Disc

The slipped disc is often caused by a combination of increased pressure in the spine via long hours of slouched posture, past trauma and/or bio-mechanical dysfunction in the spine . This can lead to a very painful and often scary condition for our patients. At healing hands, through our specific treatments and care provided, we can help to alleviate pain or discomfort commonly caused by a slipped discs. 



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