Healing Hands

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Tan Mei Xin

Known to most as gentle, patient, and intuitive, Mei Xin’s goal for her patients is to live happier and healthier lives. Her priority is to get rid of the pain holistically in people’s lives so that they can continue doing the things they love.

About Mei Xin

As a benefactor of chiropractic care, she decided to pursue it so that she can allow others to experience the same results.
Born and raised in a small town in Seremban, Malaysia, She developed a passion for sketching because of the idyllic countryside. She also has a passion for photography and loves to capture life’s moments.



Knee Pain can be caused by a myriad of reasons. The reasons can be due to mechanical issues, injuries, and/or arthritis. The knee joint is vulnerable

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Lower Back Pain Lower Back Pain is one of the most common pain that we suffer from every day. This is usually a sign that one

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What is Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a deformity of a spine where it is curving sideways, giving an appearance of a ‘C’ or ‘S-shaped spine when looked at from

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Sport Injuries

Sports injuries occur during exercise, athletic activities, or sports activities. There are various things that would increase the risk of sports injuries such as failing to

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