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Hayley Tiong

Associate Chiropractor at Hougang


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About Hayley

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From the tender age of 5, Hayley dived into a multitude of activities, including gymnastics and tennis. However, her gymnastics journey, characterized by constant bending motions, led to persistent lower back pain. Unfortunately, chiropractic care wasn’t well-known during her competitive days, leaving her without the relief she needed.

It wasn’t until she turned 18 that Hayley experienced her first chiropractic adjustment, which ignited a passion within her. This pivotal moment inspired her to pursue a career as a female chiropractor, driven by a desire to help others achieve optimal health through holistic chiropractic care.

In her leisure time, Hayley seeks solace in computer games and indulges in tennis or any group sport. These activities serve as both a source of motivation and relaxation, complementing her active lifestyle and dedication to holistic wellness.

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Hayley remains a leader in chiropractic field by constantly updating her skills and incorporating the newest advancements in chiropractic methods and technology into her practice. Her proficiency in diagnostic evaluation enables her to pinpoint underlying problems precisely, and her expertise with chiropractic adjustment and devices ensures the safe and effective administration of chiropractic treatments.

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