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Healing Hands Chiropractors are well-trained to provide the best results for our patients. Our experienced chiropractors have recognised credentials and are dedicated to fulfilling chiropractic treatment effectively and safely.

Happy and productive employees are the biggest asset to any organisation. Our corporate wellness and wellbeing programs in Singapore are designed to educate employees on how to lead healthier lives and take good care of themselves. We will conduct health talks and briefings to increase awareness about health through our corporate health and wellness program.

If you are looking for corporate wellness services in Singapore for your employees, look no further than Healing Hands Chiropractic. We will cover essential topics in our corporate well-being program, such as managing stress, managing back pain, and neck and shoulder health. These health talks will benefit employees who are doing desk-bound jobs and might have poor posture as they sit down for long periods. We have experienced chiropractors who have been working with us for years and have expert knowledge of pain management techniques to improve the quality of life of employees.

Corporate Health Wellness Program Singapore

Facts About Pain

Pain Is Costing Singapore Economy $8.4 Billion Each Year

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Medical Leave

Employees take three medical leaves a year on average due to experiencing pain-related symptoms

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