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6 Natural Ways To Alleviate & Avoid Knee Pain And Injuries

6 Natural Ways To Alleviate & Avoid Knee Pain And Injuries

You do not have to be a physically active individual, such as a professional athlete, to experience knee pain. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that can affect individuals of every age. Whether you stay at your office or home for most of the day or you exercise occasionally, you will experience such an injury.

Knee pain is usually caused by an injury, such as a tear in the ACL, fractures, or knee bursitis. It can also be caused by an underlying medical condition, such as infections, gout, and arthritis. Mechanical issues, such as cartilage or bone degeneration, as well as a dislocated kneecap and foot or hip pain, can affect the way we walk, placing more stress on the knee joint and leading to knee pains.

With that being said, most minor knee pain does respond to self-care measures adequately, with the support of chiropractic care and physical therapy. In more severe cases, such as those caused by injuries, you might need surgical repair.

In this article, we will look at six natural ways that you can observe to alleviate and avoid knee pain and injuries.

1. Chiropractic care

It is without a doubt that chiropractic care offers some of the most holistic approaches to managing pains and aches in your body. This alternative approach to medication focuses on diagnosing and treating the musculoskeletal system yet does not carry similar side effects and risk that surgery and pain medication has.

In fact, chiropractic care has become so popular that individuals are seeking it for common procedures, such as lower back pain treatment. Rather than waiting only for injuries or pains to occur before seeking chiropractic care, you can go for regular chiropractic adjustments to improve your overall well-being.

2. Consume more anti-inflammatory foods

Diet is a significant aspect of our overall well-being. What we eat will affect our general health, making us feel better or worse. One way to lower our risk of developing knee pain and injuries is to consume more anti-inflammatory foods, such as fermented foods containing probiotics, lean and clean proteins, olive oil containing healthy fats, and leafy greens.

Foods such as fast food, processed meats, synthetic additives, flour products, refined or processed grains, hydrogenated oils, and sugar should be avoided or limited as they are known to cause inflammation, which might worsen your knee pain.

3. Foam rolling

Foam rollers are beneficial in reducing muscle stiffness, promoting blood circulation, and inducing a state of relaxation in your affected muscles, helping you to break up any adhesions in your legs that are causing knee pain. While the process might be uncomfortable and sometimes painful, using a foam roller after an intensive workout helps to remove restrictions in the fascia, adhesions in the muscles, and scar tissues.

This method is mostly for referred pain in your legs that might affect the way you walk, causing your knees to hurt in the process. You should never use foam rollers over a large joint, such as your knees, as doing so can put significant pressure on them, causing injury.

4. Get a proper pair of shoes

When it comes to our shoes, skimping on them is not the way to go. In general, you should avoid wearing boots, high heels, boat shoes, crocs, flip-flops, and sandals if you suffer from knee pains. They do not provide adequate knee support and might lead to the aggravation of your hip, knee, and back.

It is even more crucial to get a proper and well-fitted pair of shoes when you exercise. We suggest that you get a straightforward test conducted to identify the type of shoes that work best for your gait and posture. It never hurts to invest in a shoe that is well-fitted to your specific needs, stride, and stance.

5. Physical therapy

This is typically conducted together with chiropractic care. When you suffer from chronic knee pain, your joints are affected, and your range of movement becomes reduced. Using specific stretches and exercises with varying intensity, physical therapy will further boost the range of flexibility, strength, and motion that chiropractic care offers.

6. Exercise and allow adequate recovery time

The lack of recovery time can lead to over-exhaustion of your muscles, worsening your knee pain. If the idea of sitting around and not doing anything irks you, you might want to consider replacing your usual exercise routine with low-intensity ones, such as swimming or walking. They are great for those suffering from chronic knee pain.

If you participate in sports, such as football, tennis, or golf, you are more likely to develop knee inflammation due to the constant repetitive impact on the region. This results in the weakening of the joints, causing your kneecaps to be misaligned.


With that being said, while knee pains and injuries are common musculoskeletal conditions, it is not to say that they are unavoidable. By following some of the methods above, you are able to alleviate and avoid knee pains and injuries effectively.

Nevertheless, should you be looking for knee pain treatment, then look no further than Healing Hands Chiropractic. With great care for our patients and with greater care for detail, we aim to help you recover and manage your body holistically. Using various techniques and tools, we treat not just your pain symptoms but also the root of your underlying condition to ensure optimal well-being.

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