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How To Lift Weights Safely To Prevent Injuries In The Gym?

How To Lift Weights Safely To Prevent Injuries In The Gym?

Resistance training is becoming popular due to how one can achieve an ideal body while keeping fit. It is a great way to reduce stress, to build muscle strength, endurance, and stamina. However, it is one of the more dangerous forms of exercise because the free-weight and compound exercises require a significant amount of core strength and stability. Therefore, we have compiled a list of safety tips below for you to follow when training in the gym:

Resistance training is becoming popular due to how one can achieve an ideal body while keeping fit

Follow proper technique 

Resistance training exercises require specific techniques to be performed precisely to achieve optimal results. It is essential to perform them right to avoid any unnecessary injuries. If you are trying to figure out if you are exercising correctly, ask a gym trainer in the gym. Alternatively, you can follow walk-through videos of professional bodybuilders who provide exercise tips to ensure you are doing it right.

Start slow and light

If you’re new to the gym, you may realise that you can only lift light weights. However, do not be demoralised because of this. It is a natural process for you to build endurance and strength with time. Once your muscles and tendons get used to your exercises, you will be surprised at how quickly you progress. It is also essential to gradually increase the weight when you can do about 12 repetitions of an exercise with ease to ensure progressive overload and visible results.

Always control the weights

The technique is essential, and so is controlling weights when you feel fatigued. If you plan to train to failure or squeeze out a few more reps when you are tired, it is crucial to maintain a strong form in your lift. It is best to avoid lifting weights out of your capabilities and always try to slow down when the weight is out of your control. Using a full range of motion for your exercises is also vital to developing muscle strength, and it also decreases the chances of an injury occurring due to over-stretching.

Work out with a partner

It is best to work out with a partner or in a group when lifting heavy so that someone is around to ‘spot’ you when you are fatigued or are unable to control the weight. Some people prefer to train alone and get into the zone. However, it is essential not to let your ego increase your risk of injury. If you see someone resting in between their sets and are near you, it would be best if you could ask for their help in spotting you.


One of the most common injuries during gym is knee pain, especially during squats, legs extension and uphill treadmill training (when not performed correctly). If you are experiencing knee pain due to straining yourself in your workout, it might be due to soft tissue injuries of the knee. We at Healing Hands Chiropractic are professionals dedicated to relieving patients of their chronic pain and injuries through non-invasive procedures such as chiropractic treatment for knee pain and back pain. Contact us to find out more about our chiropractic clinic and our services!



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