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What Is A Chiropractic Treatment

What Is a Chiropractic Treatment?

A Chiropractor is a health care professional that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. At Healing Hands, our chiropractor emphasizes treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Healing Hands Chiropractors seeks to reduce pain, improve overall mobility and increase the flexibility of patients as well as educate them on how they can account for their own health through our Chiropractic blog page.

For a more in-depth discussion on what is chiropractic, World Health Organization (WHO) has created Guidelines on Basic Training and Safety in Chiropractic in 11 different languages.


Do you have Female Chiropractor at Healing Hands?

Yes, we have both Male and Female Chiropractors at Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore.

Our Female Chiropractors are stationed at Healing Hands Buona Vista (Rochester), Healing Hands Bedok and Healing Hands Ang Mo Kio.

All our Chiropractors believe in personalized care supported by time-tested techniques enhanced with the most efficient time frame. All our Chiropractors embody our 3 core values; Care For Patient, Integrity and Attention to Detail.

Feel free to contact us if you have any other enquiry via Email: info@healinghands.com.sg or Whatsapp: +65 8869 5164


Risk Vs Benefits involved in Chiropractic treatment?

The benefits of getting chiropractic treatment helps with reducing pain and increase joint mobility. We’ve written an article all about it here

There also seems to be a lot of concern about the safety of getting adjusted by a chiropractor. However, when done by a professional chiropractor, spinal manipulation and Chiropractic care are generally considered safe, and effective treatments for acute pain.Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore has been treating thousands of patients since 2010 and many have benefited from it. We believe in education so we have put up a blog page all about chiropractic. We hope to inform more people about chiropractic so that people can understand and appreciate Chiropractic.

How can I identify a good Chiropractor?

According to MOH, there are currently 150 chiropractors in Singapore. Choosing the most effective chiropractor for you may be challenging.

That is why we have written an article about 5 ways to find a good Chiropractor. In short,

1) Know your own health goals.

2) Integrity and confidence of the Chiropractor.

3) Word of mouth or reviews about the Chiropractor.

4) Clinical competency and experience of the Chiropractors.

5) The willingness of the Chiropractor to refer out.

How much does a Chiropractor charge per session?

The cost of seeing a Chiropractor in Singapore can start from as little as $18 onwards for the initial consultation.

We strongly believe that price should not be the primary concern for most patients but rather how can their Chiropractor relieve them from their pain and get them back to have a healthy and happier life.

At Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore, our price per Chiropractic treatment ranges from $80 to $110. We are definitely not the cheapest nor the most expensive. However, we believe that we provide the highest level of care as we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach but personalized care supported by time-tested techniques enhanced with modalities, which translates to the best outcome within the most efficient time frame.

Why are Chiropractors not regulated in Singapore?

According to MOH, Chiropractic services are considered as complementary and alternative treatments and are not licensed under the Private Hospital and Medical Clinic Act (PHMCA). Chiropractors are encouraged to practice self-regulation through their professional associations.

As Chiropractic is generally safe, most complaints reported to MOH are usually related to the misleading use of marketing techniques on treatment packages. However, we believe it’s a matter of time before the industry matures and the authorities decided to step in.



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