Assistant Clinic Supervisor

While I might seem a bit quiet at first, trust me, I’m actually a pretty lively and friendly person, especially when I’m hanging out with my pals. Outside of work, you’ll catch me enjoying my downtime with some favorite shows, going on cool hikes, or just chilling with my loved ones.

Alignment to core values is very important and it creates a warm and friendly vibe for everyone who walks through our doors. It’s not just about guiding; it’s about making sure every person feels cared for with top-notch, all-around care.

Together, we’re on a mission to provide awesome healthcare services. I’m all about building a tight-knit team that supports each other and makes our patients feel like family.

I’m super passionate about making a positive impact on the folks we help, and I can’t wait to be part of the growth and success of our clinic. Thanks for letting me share a bit about myself, and I’m pumped to dive into this journey of promoting wellness with such an awesome team!

Lavania Clinic Supervisor High Chair

As the leader here, my main goal is to be the cheerleader for our team.

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