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YES! If you are looking for better health and wellness, chiropractic care is the way to go.

Most of the patients that frequent the Chiropractic Clinics are young adults that suffer pain and aches from fitness 

Most often, patients that walk through the door are adults. Everyone seems to have a misconception that chiropractic is only for adults who suffer aches and pains. However, this is not entirely true. Once you understand the importance of Chiropractic and how it can affect the nervous system, this will open your mind up to how much more chiropractic can do.

At Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore, our main goal is to get to the root of the issue and handle it with precise non-invasive techniques that help relieve pain. Remember, you do not have to live in pain as Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore has the solutions.

Why is Chiropractic important for children and the elderly?

 Why do children need chiropractic care? Some questions to ponder on.

  • How heavy is your child’s school bag?
  • What is their posture when sitting?
  • Are they watching too much tv or using tablets?
  • Are they slouching because they’re shy or trying to fit in?
  • How many trips and falls have they had to date?  

With all these questions in mind, how do you feel about your child’s posture, could they be suffering from any aches and pain. Injury to the back can easily occur with improper use of school bag (are they using 1 or 2 straps? Bag should be 10-15% of body weight), or more often in today’s age and time, bad posture and slouching are the main causes of developing back pain. The goal of treating children is not often for pain relief, but for better posture and education which will give them better overall health and wellness as they continue to grow. Personally, one of the main turning points in sparking my interest and love in caring for children is when I helped a 12-year-old who was still suffering from bed-wetting. After a few sessions of chiropractic care, the bed-wetting stopped and she could have sleepovers. The joy in witnessing that and reassuring the parents was all worth it!

Now, why do the elderly need chiropractic care? Here are more questions to ask yourself.

  • Are they leaning to one side?
  • Any loss of balance or coordination?
  • How many falls have they had in the past year?
  • Do they’re movements look rigid and stiff?

“As we age, our body changes. Muscles start to decline in strength (starts at 60 years old, accelerates after 80 years old).” – Chiropractic Care of Special Populations By Robert D. Mootz, Linda J. Bowers. Our bone, muscles, ligaments and nervous system are remodeling. “The main goal in mind when treating elderly is rehabilitation. This involves getting them to do exercises to maintain normal motion, strengthening of appropriate muscles, keeping their nervous system functioning, and proper blood flow and circulation. This will, in turn, improve their mobility and independence.” Handbook of Clinical Chiropractic Care By Lawrence H. Wyatt.

One question I always my patients – Does no pain mean no problem?

What is the process of care?

Like adults, children and elderly will go through a process of history taking and examinations for the physician to better understand they’re the condition. They will then be prescribed a treatment program that is best suited for them. The form of care will be modified to adapt to the patient’s body type and structure, considering their age and other medical conditions present. The treatment process is gentle, non-invasive, and adjustments of the joints are a low force, and instrument-assisted. The main aim of a Chiropractor is not to treat diseases, but to help correct spinal misalignments that can interfere with the nervous system, causing health problems.



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