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5 Signs To Note When Back Pains Become A Worrying Issue

5 Signs To Note When Back Pains Become A Worrying Issue

Back pain is one of the most common pain and discomfort symptoms experienced by many around the globe. In fact, about 80% of adults regularly seek lower back pain treatments in Singapore. While it is a common discomfort associated with age, it is not something that you should brush aside and simply pop a painkiller or anti-inflammatory medication, especially when you experience certain associated signs or symptoms.

If you are unsure if your back pain is simply a sign of ageing or perhaps something more sinister, here are five key signs that indicate the need for chiropractic care.

1. Back pain after an accident

Any physical trauma that your body experiences during an accident is not something to be brushed aside. They can result in permanent pain and damage, especially if you do not receive necessary treatment. Regardless of severity or characteristic, any pain symptoms after an accident or injury should not be ignored.

If you have experienced physical trauma to your body, it is always best to seek immediate medical attention at least to ensure that your body has no serious damage and receive necessary treatment promptly.

2. You have no explanation for the pain

Back pain or ache can be a commonly experienced outcome if you were involved in intense, strenuous activities, such as gardening or heavy workout. It serves as a cue to better manage your posture, movement, or workload the next time.

However, if you wake up with a sudden pain that occurs overnight, it might be worth scheduling a chiropractic care appointment. While it might not be a sign of a serious issue, it would be safe to have it checked and corrected.

3. When the pain spreads to your limbs

Pain that starts in one area of your body and then later can also be felt in another part is termed referred pain. Some common causes of referred pain include misaligned joints, and trigger points in muscles. Typically, they do not disappear on their own once reaching such a stage.

One type of referred pain that you should watch out for is when you experience pain shooting into your arms or legs. This could indicate that there might be some nerve compression in your spinal region, which could develop into something more severe in the near future if left untreated.

4. You experience other signs and symptoms

Pain alone is not the only sign to look out for when you experience back pain. When you notice other symptoms, such as weakness, tingling sensation, or chronic numbness, especially in your limbs, it is a definite call for concern.

Other associated signs and symptoms to look out for include sleep difficulty, inexplicable weight loss, fever, and trouble urinating. In fact, if you are already experiencing minor discomfort and it is making things difficult to seek immediate medical care, the damage could be more severe than you think.

5. You suffer from chronic back pain

Any back pain that lasts for more than six weeks is considered chronic and should be examined by a medical professional. If you have rested and allowed your body to recuperate and yet do not experience any improvement in your condition, it is likely that your back injury is getting worse.

Keep in mind that chronic back pain does not have to be severe to demand proper treatment. We recommend that you have it checked out as early as possible to prevent long-term damage.


Back pain is more than your body telling you to take a break. Whenever you experience any form of discomfort or pain, it is a sign that some form of damage has occurred. Even if the pain is not necessarily a call for concern, it is a good idea to consider making a chiropractic care appointment.

Chiropractic care involves more than simply cracking your back. Chiropractic care can also provide knee pain treatment as well as frozen shoulder treatment on top of other areas of your body. The aim of chiropractic care is to restore your musculoskeletal system to its proper alignment, relieving any pressure felt on the associated nerve points in the affected area that result in pain and other associated symptoms.

If you are looking for a holistic solution that will treat the source of your pain effectively and not just your experienced symptoms, then look no further than Healing Hands Chiropractic. Our team of experienced chiropractors can treat all pains effectively.

To make an appointment with us or to find out more about our range of chiropractic services, you may do so at https://healinghands.com.sg/.



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