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X-Rays will be prescribed so that we can accurately diagnose your condition before starting your treatment.

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This will be done in-clinic and a personalised treatment program will be prescribed for you.

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Why Choose Us?

Healing Hands Chiropractic has been in the industry for 12 years and has a team of experienced chiropractors dedicated to helping patients with pain relief and management. We are experienced in whiplash pains and are able to help you to manage the pain using holistic and effective means. Healing Hands Chiropractic Singapore is one of the most reviewed and trustable chiropractic clinic. With over 1600+ five star reviews and real before vs after patients photos, you can entrust us with your health!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Tele-consult Chiropractic is a remote consultation service that allows individuals in Singapore to receive chiropractic assessment and guidance from the comfort of their own homes. Through video conferencing platforms, you can connect with a qualified chiropractor who will assess your condition, provide personalised advice, and guide you through your concerns. Tele-consultation utilises technology to bring effective chiropractic care directly to you, saving you time and providing convenience.

Healing Hands Chiropractic is the only few Chiropractic clinics in Singapore that provides tele-consultation services to our patients. 

Scheduling a tele consult chiropractic appointment in Singapore is easy and convenient. Simply click on the “Book Now” button on this page to book your appointment with us. You just have to provide us with your preferred date, clinic to visit for your treatment and your credentials. Our clinic will then coordinate with you to finalise the appointment and provide instructions on how to connect for your tele-consult session.

Yes, tele-consult chiropractic sessions in Singapore can be just as effective as in-person sessions for many conditions. While hands-on adjustments may not be possible, our chiropractors can still assess your condition, provide personalised advice, offer lifestyle recommendations, and discuss pain management strategies. Our tele-consult chiropractors are trained to adapt their techniques and provide effective care remotely, ensuring you receive the support you need for your musculoskeletal health.

A thorough examination of your complaints and conditions is still required before any chiropractic adjustment to ensure we are able to mitigate any underlying risks.

Chiropractic treatment is generally safe when administered by qualified professionals. Healing Hands Chiropractors undergo extensive training to ensure patient safety. However, as with any healthcare intervention, there are minimal risks involved. These may include soreness, mild discomfort, or temporary exacerbation of symptoms. It’s important to communicate any concerns or pre-existing conditions to your chiropractor to ensure a safe and effective treatment plan.

Book your first appointment with us to experience the Healing Hands chiropractic journey.

To participate in a tele-consult chiropractic session, you will need a few basic equipment and technology:

  • A device with a camera and microphone, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Stable internet connection to ensure smooth video and audio communication.
  • A quiet and well-lit environment where you can comfortably interact with the chiropractor.
  • Optional: Any relevant medical reports, X-rays, or scans that can assist the chiropractor in assessing your condition. These can be shared digitally during the session.

Tele-consult chiropractic can help address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. This includes back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint pain, sports injuries, posture-related issues, and more. Our Chiropractors can assess your symptoms, review your medical history, and provide personalized care plans tailored to your specific condition. However, for certain complex cases or emergencies, in-person consultations may be recommended.

While chiropractic care is highly effective for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, some individuals may have specific conditions that CANNOT be treated. Certain surgeries done in the past will make you at risk for injuries during chiropractic adjustment.

In addition, you can skip the traffic and waiting rooms, as well as the need for travel. By simply connecting with your chiropractor through a secure video call, you can still receive expert guidance and care from the comfort of your own home or office.

On average, a session may last around 15 minutes. During this time, our chiropractor will assess your symptoms, discuss your concerns, provide recommendations for pain-relief or lifestyle modifications, and address any questions you may have.

To ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all our patients, we kindly request that you are 5 minutes earlier and no later than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

Follow these steps:


Click on this link to watch the tutorial.

According to MOH, there are currently 150 chiropractors in Singapore. Choosing the most effective chiropractor for you may be challenging.

That is why we have written an article about 5 ways to find a good Chiropractor. In short,
1) Know your own health goals.
2) Integrity and confidence of the Chiropractor.
3) Word of mouth or reviews about the Chiropractor.
4) Clinical competency and experience of the Chiropractors.
5) The willingness of the Chiropractor to refer out.

Conditions We Treat

Tele-Consultation Appointment


Our chiropractor will be conducting a thorough consultation online focusing on your health history as well as your main complaints regarding your condition.

This will take approximately 15 minutes.

X-Ray Prescription (Charged Separately)

X-Rays will be prescribed so that we can accurately diagnose your condition before prescribing a customised treatment program.

It is also for your safety and for us to rule out any possible underlying conditions that cannot be treated by Chiropractic.

The review of your X-rays is complimentary at your following visit if you take up the X-rays with our preferred diagnostic partners.

Report Of Findings

For your in person appointment; posture screening, thermographic spinal scan and the review of your X-rays will be conducted in the clinic.

Please set aside 45 mins for the entire process.