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Obesity from Wearing Mask!

Here is why!

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What is TMJ?

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder, known as TMD or TMJD, is a condition affecting the jaw joints, surrounding muscles, and ligaments and usually goes undiagnosed.

The dysfunction occurs when the muscle and ligament around your jaw joints become inflamed or irritated, however, the pain may be acute or chronic depending on your condition.

Possible Causes of TMJ

TMJ can be caused by several factors such as trauma, stress, obesity, genetics, scoliosis, depression, an improper bite, arthritis, or wear and tear.

The actual cause, however, is due to the excessive strain on our jaw. Joints and muscle groups control chewing, swallowing, and speech.

Since the pandemic, it is obligatory for us to wear masks which have caused much pain for some of us. 

The pain from tight masks starts to generate through our jaw and our head causing headaches, migraines, jaw aches, and more.

Wearing Masks has also prevented us from breathing correctly through our noses hence we start to breathe through our mouths which causes breathing problems, esophagus blockages, anterior head carriage (causing more shoulder and stiff neck issues), and myofascial pain syndrome on the neck and shoulders.

So how does wearing a mask cause Obesity?

Overweight and obese people have higher levels of a hormone called leptin, which is produced in fatty tissue. This can disrupt the hormone balance and lead to an increase in inflammatory mechanisms in the body that affect TMJ.

Prolonged wearing of the mask can also cause TMD which is an Inflammation of the jaw joint and muscle for our chewing muscle, hence, obesity can potentially cause TMJ due to the increase in the inflammatory mechanism.

How can TMJ start?

  • Wearing Mask – Prolonged wearing mask 
  • Breathing through your mouth/Snoring – Posture, spinal neck condition, 
  • Eating Often – Excessive or chewing more on one side chronically
  • Teeth Grinding

What are the symptoms of TMJ?

  • Jaw Pain 
  • Frequent Headaches-(Tension from muscles in the face and head.)
  • Lock-Jaw 
  • Clicking, popping, or grating sound when opening your mouth
  • Swelling on one side of your face
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Clicking/Crepitus
  • Bruxism
  • Restricted Opening 
  • Facial Muscle Pain
  • Earache
  • Stiff Shoulders
  • Co morbidities can include Depression, 

How Does TMJ affect our daily lives?

How do I know if I have TMJ?

‍To test if you have TMD, place a finger over the joint in front of your ear, and open it wide until you can feel the joint move. If you think the joint click or if it’s tender when you press, you may have TMD.


Attempt to fit 3 fingers into your mouth, if you are unable to fit them then there is a possible chance of lock jaw/TMJ.

Home Remedy for TMJ Treatment

  1. Eat Soft Food
  2. Massage cold pack on pain area 
  3. Avoid extreme joint movements
  4. Reduce stress 
  5. Avoid yawning or yelling 
  6. Doing Jaw Exercises

How do we get treated for TMJ?

  1. Go to a Dentist– TMJ is caused by excessive use of your chewing joint and muscle group, so when we have a toothache, we will naturally avoid the pain and chew on the other side.
    That, in return, generates excessive use of 1 side of the joint and muscle group, potentially giving rise to getting TMJ/TMD.
  1. STOP EATING– Yes, you heard us right, one of the common causes of TMJ is due to excessive chewing. People who 
  1. Surgery- Surgery will be the last resort for patients who have serious 
  1. Chiropractic Treatment – Go to your trusted Chiropractor to get an adjustment for TMJ!

Stay tuned for the next Blog post for exercises to help with TMJ!

Here are some stretches and exercises you can carry out every day to prevent TMJ!

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